February 6, 2006

2 simple apps I would really like

I would love to have a simple fast loading free text outliner. The outliner in MS Word is the one I would like beaten with free/open/simple software. Tree outliners suck. A lot. I would also love a simple fast loading table/csv file editor that beats Excel. It would need to load CSV files into cells with all the manipulexity of Excel and it would need to save them without the idiotic "upgrade to our file format" save cycle of both MS Office applications and Open Office applications. If the latter app also was good at opening and manipulating SQLite databases (as tabbed sheets) that wouldn't hurt either. Any thoughts?
Please don't say "OpenOffice" as an answer for this. I have footprint issues with these, AFAIK there's no outliner in Open Office tect and they do run you through the annoying "would you like to 'upgrade' to our format"-cycle. Also, if you say "Vim" or "Emacs" you need to qualify your statemet with proper scripts/modes and if you say "Get a Mac" then you need to...say it somewhere else. I'm waiting for the first update of the Intel processeor Macbook Pro - and VMWare for the Mac - and then I'll switch.

Posted by Claus at February 6, 2006 5:59 PM
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