September 23, 2006

Recovering Windows from Grub failure

If you've been running Windows along side Linux using Grub and grub starts failing, or you decide to stop dual booting to run only windows and aren't smart about it, or you remove a disk grub thinks is supposed to be there but you don't really need to run e.g. Windows, you're likely to get stuck in Grub. Googling for "grub error 17" and "grub error 15" or just "grub error" brings you a lot of posts made by Windows users in various states of panic. If you're like me and also forgot where your Windows CD is or just forgot your administrators password, that you need for repair, you'll be happy to know that Gag has your back. Download. Locate the ISO file and burn to CD from some other computer. Boot from that and you should be able to get to your Windows partition. Menus in Gag aren't maybe the most straightforward but it works.

Posted by Claus at September 23, 2006 4:17 PM
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