September 07, 2005


This weblog is a hacking companion to Notes from Classy's Kitchen. I felt a need to do a little writing in public about software technicalities, and I didn't want to burden the more general Notes with that kind of material.
I can't tell you what I'll be adding, and I can't promise that it will be razor smart. It will be the stuff I found interesting in the hacking that I do at work and in my spare time.
Topics may include algorithmics, choice of programming language, experiences from learning new languages, OO design ideas, good working principles, pragmatic programming, development processes, web development, clever perl hacks, visual programming, intentional programming, logic, mathematics, cognition (to the extent I know anything about it) and any number of other topics.
I will try to add software links to as many posts as possible. This is supposed to be about practical experiments not just reading.

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