April 29, 2008

Security dance without purpose

No, this isn't about the airport although it could be. Instead it's about the stupid security dance called Windows Vista. All the stupid restrictions on what you can do and all the stupid questions about what you want the security to be are completely pointless. None of the security is for real, there are backdoors that circumvent all of it - it's just a stupid show to make the operating system seem secure.

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April 24, 2008

Fire Eagle is Plazes

It's good to see Plazes adapt to Fire Eagle, but really - isn't Fire Eagle really plazes. The infrastructure to share your location. Your social then happens where that is good, not necessarily on plazes.

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April 15, 2008

OpenID provider for Google Accounts on Google App Engine

I was wondering how quickly this would happen.

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April 8, 2008

Competition in the platform leverage game

Google App Engine launched - it's quite a different beast than Amazon's cloud services. The three most notable differences to Amazon's offering:

Free to try - not just during the beta, but apparently forever.
During the beta the allowances are: Apps that use less than 500MB space, 200 teraclockcycles of CPU per day (that's about 1 single-core 2.3 Ghz CPU running at max, continuously, if TechCrunch is reporting the number correctly) and 10 GB traffic daily are free. If they keep that up they could destroy the hosting industry completely. The only plausible deal breaker - other than Google lock-in - above is the 500 MB limit, which is on the small side.
Integrated stack, not a bundle of opportunities - Amazon's cloud services are basic by design and its up to clients to perform the integration. Tons of stacks have sprung up for that, but you have to choose and configure yourself. Google's is one integrated solution, with the restrictions and opportunities that provides.
Actually the integrated stack makes Google App Engine makes one feel bad for the now defunct Zimki. Zimki was a nice idea, but took way too many risks with an alien development environment and an unclear above-toy-level road map. Google's massive infrastructure, however, is perfect marketing for the App Engine as viable above play level. Who wouldn't want Google's uptime and scalability?
Integrated with Google's user base
"Eat shit and die, Facebook"? That could be the end goal, at least. With the Google App Engine you can access Google's user account system, so you don't have to design your own user system. One can easily imagine Open Social extensions to the app engine and/or integrations with e.g. Google Talk

Whether it's going to be a toy or not will be down to pricing above the free level, I guess. The functionality of the Python stack in the SDK seems to cover the basics well, with integrated object storage and email along side the Python CGI.

[UPDATE: Nice google app engine promotion: Jaiku is moving in]

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April 2, 2008

Everything and the kitchen sink

Via a Jon Udell post I came upon this monster perl script by Jamie Zawinski. One of the authors of the original Netscape Navigator and therefore now a gentleman programmer and nightclub owner. The script generates the event calendar for Zawinskis club - and does so by doing everything itself withing wimping out and installing stuff from CPAN. It' all there: HTML generation, HTML parsing and cleaning, calendar and event logic including leap year calculators, tons of date parsing (which is what brought Udell to the script)
The cost: It's 6500 lines long.

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