November 16, 2009

Making Pd useful with Soundflower

I've been using Pd as a sound environment, generating midi as well as generating sounds, although more of the former than the latter. The main reason for that was that I didn't really have a useful way of getting sound to and from Pd - but I do now, with Soundflower which I don't know why it took till now for me to find.
Add to that the Percolate binaries I just found for Os X - with a lot of granular synth instruments and I have a ton of great new reasons to work with Pd.

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February 4, 2009

Inputs available at Classy Labs

A quick rundown of the various physical interfaces I have for sensing information from the real world

  • Arduino kit sensors
  • Google Android (camera+accelerometer+compass+gps+touchscreen+buttons+trackball)
  • Wiimotes (accelerometer+buttons+IR-dots)
  • Wacom tablet (x,y,inclination X, inclination Y, button)
  • Mouse
  • Keyboard
  • Webcam

In short: Lots. I am going to build a compendium of how to talk to these things from environments I care about, which are mainly Processing, Puredata and then some previously nonexistent time series glue that I might have to write on my own.

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August 4, 2008

Enjoying Puredata

Yesterday I sat down to try out an idea in Puredata, started assembling the parts, without knowing how they would combine to a whole, but then realized - by looking at them - how simple it would be to get there.
That's not how the experience usually works in classic procedural code, where you assemble for the goal.
I can't say that I'm more productive, but it's certainly a more joyful experience. As for productivity - it's hard to measure really. I write code that does things that are really simple in principle, but since I can wire them into a powerful set of tools very easily, they end up feeling productive anyway.

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