May 31, 2002
Enhancing text based information gathering

This is really nice! Jon Udell puts together a very simple Google API + wxPython APP, to browse Google in new and unexpected ways. The App: Hierarchical Google calls based on first search terms, then The titles of found pages. This is not selected by Google's own site as the primary page content marker - so you can't do searches like this from Googles own site, but it comes together nicely and easily for Jon Udell. Lots of very practical, very interesting comments on how to mine for meaning, and how to make the mining for meaning more meaningful if you are involved with putting together pages.

Interesting tidbit: What you can do to your site to utilise Google as a semantic engine around your site (Note btw. that around is a new interesting topicalizer to describe computation and meaning.) can't be used to keep people located at your site. This is the awesome power of the fully operational network in full effect! Very nice indeed.

Posted by Claus at May 31, 2002 10:35 PM
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