June 02, 2002

Mainly driven by Germanys massive 8-0 defeat of Saudi Arabia the goals per match average of this years World Cup is still very high. The score for the first four games a staggering 3.5 goals per match. Sunday was a bit more relaxed, but only a bit - ending at 11/4 so we stay above a 3 goal average - nameley 25/8.

So Denmark is below average. But what goals they were! Not having seen Argentina yet, I still think ours is the best game yet.


Having now seen the awesome Argentina-Nigeria match it is now safe to say that Denmarks match is not the best one played at the World Cup. Both teams were very good. Sweden and England are in for some seriously tough opposition. The Nigerian team stayed well organized, had tremenous opportunities of their own, and only lost out because Argentina was - as expected - scary.

Posted by Claus at June 02, 2002 05:02 PM
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