July 31, 2002
The cultural phenomon that is Google

The immensely popular and simply fantastic Google si a cultural phenomenon of enormous proportions. We've all heard of Googlewhacking i.e. the sport of finding two words that - when searched for on Google - return exactly 1 (one) hit. My esteemed colleague Jasper was a googlewhack until I posted this story.

Now there's a new sport in town, namely the intentional posting to newsgroups of material that - when found in google and highlighted in yellow - presents a nice graphic.

I hereby challenge all post order merchants:

Beat this in your mail order catalog.

The whole idea is somewhat reminiscent of the age-old sport of Just another perl hacker email tags: The art of tagging your email with 4 lines of dense perl code that runs, only to print the words Just another perl hacker.

Posted by Claus at July 31, 2002 10:53 PM
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