September 19, 2002
Google news without the fuzz

I hadn't noticed this new Google beta, but now you can get your news headlines in glorious Google quality. News sources are scanned and news are arranged by topic - and I don't mean crummy general topics but a specific headline capturing the story.
We are now avaiting another stupid lawsuit from the less than intelligent association of danish newspapers who as previously reported fail to understand the nature and benefits of the internet in general and the hypertext of the web in particular

Thinking about the news categorization offered, this is probably less of a feat than it could have been. First of all your typical news story will name a person or geographical location providing rare occuring words to correlate stories from different sources. Secondly the presence of a few global newswire services read by everyone in the industry probably correlates news copy more than you'd care to recognize if you like the free press and the free world.

With only five minutes of experience with the service here's another scary observation: In the minutes it took me to write this log entry the news listed on the site were completely changed ! The lead Headline News story was moved four slots down, the headline chosen as representative for the group of stories was changed, and another story was removed from the Headlines category and demoted to a subcategory.

That's news just a little too hot for me. Clearly there is desire to keep updated. The usual dead link experience encountered when jumping from web-indexes is not really acceptable either so the balance may be hard to strike. Andy Warhols 15 minutes of fame is turning into parts of a second as we speak.

Posted by Claus at September 19, 2002 12:23 AM
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