September 24, 2002
Is Joschka Fischer the most admirable politician in Europe?

It is of course easy to find something to criticize (the definite association with violent left wing activists in the 70s and some questionable pictures of Fischer taking part in violent protest himself) but the successful reinvention of Die Grünen as a reform-friendly pragmatic modern political party is impressive. And Fischer has actually been able to communicate this new line of policy to a sizable group of voters.
If only something similar could happen in Denmark, we, the right-moving left-wingers, would be happy.

We are unfortunately much more likely to see something like Gerhard Schröders power-clinging, cheap attacks on American foreign policy. A new low point in election time sellout. It is one thing to see isolationist foreign policy rhetoric at election time in American politics, but in modern European politics it is just completely out of place. What's next? An attack on France?

Posted by Claus at September 24, 2002 09:18 PM