October 15, 2002

I've just installed The Webalizer at home (no - not in public) to analyze the logfiles for classy.dk -Traffic is rather conservative but building nicely. I think that once I get ucmag.dk up and running again with a nice site - and of course once I get my act together with f9s, I'll really be one to something. The webalizer is easy to use and very fast to set up. Recommended.

Interesting site stats : 560 unique visitors (mostly garbage of course). Approx 1500 visits from those - and traffix is building.
Most interesting search engine referral : "Therese Damsholt". Most popular site engine referral : "helpmeleavemyhusband".
Awful truth: A lot of the traffic is just me using my site as navigation start page.

Posted by Claus at October 15, 2002 10:14 PM
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