November 22, 2002
New services on

November 22nd marks the six-month anniversary of the notes from Classy's kitchen. To celebrate this milestone event the staff here at classy is pleased to announce the general availability of two new service emails. They are internet classics, but with a Classy touch. - Will spew insults back at the sender for general amusement. Many sites have an abuse emailaddress, but in general they receive abuse. Personally I think that is unfair, so the service generates abuse.

In a similar vein will bitch and moan about stuff that's just no good.

Coming soon : Language sensitive insensitivity, whereby the service will abuse you in your own language.

The actual abuse generator is on it's way as a webservice also - by popular demand - and is in general due for a ton of extensions and improvements.

If you'd like to know I can tell you that we're reaching record numbers of sites (~600), they are downloading record numbers of pages a month (~6000) and the pages downloaded have record size.

The daily average of postings for the six months is approx 0.75 - which isn't all that bad.

Posted by Claus at November 22, 2002 02:10 PM
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