December 14, 2002
Still fun to be had on internet

It's all to frequent to find yourself really annoyed at the information you find on the web. It's been there too long. It's not good enough. It's all business or technology. What happend to the fun, the sheer joy of the hyperlink, the disorientation of the early internet. Why is the web so much like a shopping mall, and why exactly is it that I find that I do indeed shop at chain-stores. All of these questions are important and hard to answer (mostly it's just that I'm a a really boring guy of course) but the sad fact of all this boredom is rapidly washed away with a quick surf off the Rageboy weblog. The title says it all: all noise - all the time.

That's what surfing is all about! Can I just say right here and now that 'sites' are really the scourge of the web - only pages should matter (that's right the notion of deep links is absurd - it's old world - it's just not getting it). You can spend a happy if boring life surfing slashdot and amazon and wired and mayby a newspaper or two but in the end it just gets so boring, and it's not only that it's boring - it is just a sad replica of a good time with a decent book, or a beer, or some really loud music.

Weblogs in general are no better - but of they are as strange and off-linking as Rageboy's they really do offer something you couldn't possibly have without hypertext. fails miserably in being as wild. Maybe it's because it's tamed by Moveable type or maybe it's just that I actually manage to spend my log-life at the boring edge of digital society.

An interesting site-statistic, completely computable, is how diffusive a site is. Given markovian off world linkage, how much ground do you cover by linking off a site. 'Sites' are not very diffusive, since they have mainly intra-site links, weblogs are very diffusive.
For weblogs alone this is already enabled at the myelin blogging ecosystem and WMDI would probably like to be enable something like that but I would really like it for the whole web.

Posted by Claus at December 14, 2002 02:34 AM
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