January 18, 2003
Power out!

Power outages seems to be this winters theme on classy.dk - This time around my niece is not to blame. My street (or the section of it I live on) lost power stability for a couple of hours this morning and while that was happening. I took the servers down, since they were rebooting once a minute.

It is unlikely anyone noticed.

Posted by Claus at January 18, 2003 06:28 PM
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hej claus

det er faktisk ikke rigtigt.

jeg lagde m?rke til det, idet jeg v?gnede kl. 07:30 f?r resten af huset og gik igang med at zappe.

Posted by: mogens on January 18, 2003 9:08 PM

Rart at vide at man har l?sere....

Posted by: Dee on January 19, 2003 2:43 AM
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