February 20, 2003
Ex-Microsoftee reads Innovator's Dilemma

A memo by an ex-Microsoft program manager on Microsoft and the Commoditization of Software sounds a lot like classic disruption speak.
The gist of the essay is that David Stutz (for that is his name) believes Microsoft is doing exactly what the textbook says: Enhancing margins by focusing ruthlessly on the moneymakers of the company: The rich client that is the OS and MS Office combined.
Of course MS is betting on just about everything - branding phones, PDA, and self-invented laptop replacers, i.e. the tablet PC. But all of these efforts are exactly that: Extensions of the desktop brand according to mr. Stutz. The question remains of course whether or not people will stay mainly tethered to the desktop and thus continue to value the connections to it from the new devices. Looking at the mobile market, where jobless teenagers are key drivers of tech it sounds like a hard sell.
They could care less about Office and MS Exchange integration.

Posted by Claus at February 20, 2003 02:07 PM
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