March 18, 2003
Cruising slowly down the Amazon ordering has gotten a lot worse lately. Clearly somebody in the logistics supply chain has decided to stretch their contractual obligations to the limit - by delivering as slowly as at all possible. It used to be the case, that if you ordered books that could be dispatched the same day or the day after, you could have books 3 days after ordering if you were lucky. That number has gone up to 5 - and sometimes you wait a full week. That sucks!Part of it seems to be amazon buying less expensive postal service. The published estimates are of the 5-7 day variety. Another part of it is crappy local postal service (I live in the second worst postal district in Denmark wrt. delivery quality) but the end result is that Amazon is simple not as appealing a place to by books as it used to be. 3 days is a breeze but avoiding a week-long wait is almost worth the higher prices in danish bookstores.

UPDATE : We're now on day 8 of BookWait - this clearly sucks!
UPDATE 20030321 : BookWait day 9...finally brings some books!

Posted by Claus at March 18, 2003 03:08 PM
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