March 26, 2003
Speed, silence, low cost

My workstation here at home has been upgraded to a supermarket bargain buy top of the line machine.
What a difference. The machine is less noisy and more capable than the one I had before - and to boot equipped with interfaces to everything. Drawback: Windows XP. I am a notorious late adopter, and I have to say I really hate what they've done with window. They've dumbed it down. And in addition windows itselt (the standard windows frames, and the titlebar and icons) now takes up more screen real estate than before (or mayby I just need to find a skin with the right terseness).
To the extent that I can reclaim win2k look and feel (which was an improvement and simplification in most respects on NT 4) I'm doing ok - but a little bothered I am....

Posted by Claus at March 26, 2003 09:58 PM
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