March 28, 2003
It's here: Blogspam

Today I was blogspammed. That is, My Movable Type blog was hit by a Moveable Type capable spambot. Nothing major - in fact rather cleverly done. It seems a google search for 'ass' led to the references to Cory Doctorow's praise of Google on In response to that a couple of nondescript messages from 'holly' and 'hannah' (one an 'Eliza' style reworking of my blog entry title, one mildly sexual) both were left by authors identified by anonymous sound adresses in Australia.

Since I posted this story in May 2002 - one has to bet that these references were crawled- not found by hand, hence I think I was hit by a MT posting bot of some kind. A nice trick, really.

Posted by Claus at March 28, 2003 10:55 PM