April 07, 2003
Disappearing freedom

The use of force instead of diplomacy on the foreign policy front is accompanied by an equally disturbing abuse of the legal system on the home front as the Bush administration is speeding America into darkness.
The abuse of POW status as a way to deny civil rights to prisoners is twisted this time around as a suspect is held without rights as a witness in relation to the 'war against terror'.
It's like the linked story says: Kafkaesque, or just plain old totalitarian, methods in the land of the free. Scary indeed.

As a giveaway of my eager consumption of pop-culture trash, I once again remark that George Lucas could end up having created some important pop trash with the new 'how did the world go evil' Star Wars prequel. The resemblances to the current situation are interesting, even if one should be careful to refer to anything present in the Sar Wars films as 'scary' or 'important'

Posted by Claus at April 07, 2003 10:55 AM
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