April 28, 2003
Identity app

A very nice micro-application of webservices: At the danish concert ticket seller (a rival to the local Ticketmaster subsidiary) Billetmaskinen they have found a nice way around the annoying address data entry. You simply enter your phone number and they'll snap up your data from the directory listing. The privacy concerns are obvious, and it would be preferable with a URL to something like Ascio's digital identity so you could give out the address you would like to give out. But it still saves me a good deal of trouble, using only data about me I publish already. I haven't seen this elsewhere and I'm currently wondering why. Why does the credit card companies not offer something similar? Obviously not from the actual card number (that would kill any resemblance of security) but an ID number would be simple to add - and if you're going to pay anyway, or accept delivery, they WILL know who you are.

Posted by Claus at April 28, 2003 01:29 PM
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