May 21, 2003

On MSNBC a pro-Bush reporter is proud to stifle opposition. I wouldn't trust the views he presents as Danny Glover's either, but actively trying to take away Glover's income as a way of stifling him and being proud about it is just terrible.
Meanwhile, on Danish television, an episode of "The Practice" airs - presenting the 'controversial' idea of an airline company refusing all arabs as passengers. The notion that this is 'controversial' and not just dismissable as flat out unacceptable is another sad case of American politics gone berserk. I know shows like 'The Practice' breed of the emotional charge of the storyline - but since it's a given the policy will stand (no point to the story if the company was found guilty of racism) this isn't controversial but just a throwback to the darkness of the 50s. A conflict founded in the deserts of the Middle East can hardly be called a cold war, but is certainly looking a lot like one.

While we're on the subject: Freedom fries instead of french fries? When are they going to tear down the Statue of Liberty? That was a gift from the French - remember.

Posted by Claus at May 21, 2003 01:36 AM
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