May 24, 2003
Keanu to star in Jesus flick

Keanu Reeves is set to star in an upcoming major motion picture based loosely on the life and times of Jesus Christ. "Keanu was hot in 'Little Buddha', we liked the tough sensitive look with a beard in 'The Gift' and after the success of the Matrix franchise we feel he is ready to play The Big Guy" says a studio exec on condition of anonymity.

Tentatively titled 'J-man' the picture will also star Leonardo Di Caprio as The Apostle John - and James Earl Jones will reprise his Star Wars role as The Voice of The Father. The role of Judas is still being cast.

News on the plotline is sketchy so far, but the film will try to revitalize the image of Christ giving a modern spin to some of his more spectacular antics. "We're updating Jesus for the 21st century. We feel a role model like Jesus should be very interesting to a wide audience at this point in time" says our source, citing the war on terrorism and the 911 attacks as background.
"People are looking for a can-do mentality today - and Jesus was very much a can-do person", says the exec.
It is rumoured that the films climactic easter scenes will be shot with alternative endings to avoid any possibility of pre-release story leaks.

Posted by Claus at May 24, 2003 10:27 PM
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