July 04, 2003
Relate-a-zon goes beta!

After some intense alpha testing and a beautiful collaborative development effort, Just's wonderful game Relate-a-zon has finally gone beta. Gone are all the miscounting bugs, and the feature set and gameplay is easily good enough for some serious fun to be had.

Give it a try. It is extremely addictive once you conquer the initial confusion. The object of the game is to navigate between two products via Amazon product recommendation relationships. This is quite entertaining and a good test of your intuition on how people think. It is extremely hard to have a strategy for play, you just have to go with the flow of the relationships.

Just has also graciously provided classy.dk with an opportunity to enter the 21st century: The route maps are generated and served by the classy.dk kitchen server and used by Just (pun intended) as a web service when generating the hiscore pages.

Ref: A truly spectacular sample of a pioneering route

Posted by Claus at July 04, 2003 02:29 AM
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