July 14, 2003
The vanity blog-implosion?

A self fullfilling prophecy, in light of the intense Winer flamewar and other recent bloxplosions: The world of A-list bloggers is undergoing a gargantuan vanity implosion. Possible Escapee's are the bloggers who actually write about something (InstaPundit (Sadly, at aleast from a euro-perspective), maybe Gilllmor and as entertainment BoingBoing). Possible non-escapee's: The Trott's, Winer, Scoble, Searls.
I think people will tire of the 1000 voiced conversation when it loses the interest of novelty - surely, they will tire of the 2000 eyed navel staring.

And yes, I WAS first (no Google matches anyways) to coin the inept 'bloxplosion' - You'd think the 'new words containg parts of the word weblog' space was actually filled by now.

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150 years from now people will marvel over all the information contained in people's blogs and wonder where they got the time to write all that, similar to how we marvel over people who wrote in a journal every day of their adult life 150 years ago.

Posted by: Cooking on July 14, 2003 9:36 PM
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