July 19, 2003
Anti IE campaign

TimBray is organizing an anti Internet Explorer campaign, complete with campaign graphics, much like the ongoing (no relation to Bray, pun intended) "No to Warnock's Dilemma" campaign here on classy.dk. But it a pity that this page does not do browser detection. I've looked at it with Mozilla firebird and not only was the anti-IE warning not removed, but the site actually looked just the same. Sure, the fact that font scaling actually works is a definite plus, but still - from a client perspective one has to say of the campaign, 'Where's the beef?'. It might be there, but they're not dishing it out.

I am completely on board with the Longhorn FUD campaign however. Let's give them some of their own medicine for a while. (Scoble tells us that Google does work on Longhorn. Good to know that it did when it suddenly doesn't)

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