July 24, 2003
15 minutes of fame can be damaging to your health

In a doubly sad turn of events, the story of the 'Star Wars Kid' has turned ugly as his parents file for damages:

[...] his parents are claiming damages of $160,000 from the families of the four classmates who digitized and published the video. Ghyslain's parents claim their son was so humiliated, he is undergoing psychiatric care and may be marked for life by the experience.

Doubly sad because the kid got hurt (reports on this appear to be true although the lawsuit does not help the credibility of the parents IMO) and because the life of the story is now extended with this parody of justice.
For a while there it looked like a happy ending as some nice people tried to exert a little damage control on the kids behalf, but now it seems that blogs and newsgroups have finally grown up as a medium, being the target of defamation lawsuits...

More precise news coverage on the lawsuit. (And check those Google ads to the right: When I load the story they're for ambulance chasers and light sabre replica vendors)

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