August 04, 2003

While I'm sure the republicans would have you believe that they are the true keepers of the flame of freedom, they are also engineering more and more totalitarian schemes curbing that freedom, among the more serious are the secret no-fly lists. These non-published (as well in size as in actual content) list are banning thousands from the flying from American airports. Seeing as flying is the only reasonable means of transportation out of America this is a pretty clear violation of an individual's right to freedom of movement, one of the really old and really basic and uncontested human rights. It's is beeing used not just for clear dangers but also simply to stop some people who are merely 'inconvenient'

A 71-year-old Milwaukee nun and peace activist was stopped from boarding a flight to Washington, where she and a group of students planned to lobby the Wisconsin congressional delegation against U.S. military aid to Colombia. An art dealer who'd been a high-ranking staffer in Ralph Nader's 2000 presidential campaign had been barred from a flight to Germany after telling other passengers in the check-in line that President George W. Bush "is dumb as a rock." And two journalists, Rebecca Gordon and Jan Adams of the antiwar magazine War Times, were told by an airline clerk that the were on "the FBI no-fly list."

This is not just nearly as bad as policies in the socialist Eastern Europe, but in fact exactly as bad as socialist Eastern Europe. It would have been unthinkable without the Bush administration.

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