August 11, 2003
Is Mel Gibson a closet revisionist?

It turns out Mel Gibson may actually believe in some of the nonsense his character believes in Cnspiracy Theory. At least his father does and now the Gibson family is under fire for anti-semitism:

Mel Gibson and his parents are under fire today from a leading Jewish group for reportedly anti-semitic impulses in the former's new film and the latter's denial that Al Qaeda executed the Sept. 11 attacks.

It appears that at least Gibson's parents are holocaust deniers, and more recently and implausibly 911 deniers. Gibson has apparently not commented on this, but is busy making an 'accurate' ,'bible-true' account of the Passion of Christ - which of course means a film depicting (some) jews as evil and wrong.

A few PR friendly messages that "Mel loves everybody" will be a completely insufficient reply to criticism, considering the views of Gibsons father.

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Blatant anti-semitism removed by blog owner

Posted by: Mel on October 28, 2003 8:53 PM
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