August 25, 2003
Will hack for food

Tim Bray tells a story on how bad the job market is.

136 applicants for a non-descript job managing a computer room and maybe teach users about the stuff on the computers. Doesn't say where, but presumably we're in Canada.
It makes Bray think about getting out of tech-jobs (not personally, but the general idea) - BUT the sad news is that this same story could have been told about so many other lines of work currently. There was one case here in Denmark of 2000 applicants for a public relations job (1 position to fill) at BMW. Assume a cursory 5 minute examination of just half these applications and the first 83 man hours zip by, a little more than two weeks worth, and you haven't even begun to consider the applications seriously. You basically have to just throw most of them away and consider the luck of the remaining applicants a qualification.

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