September 02, 2003
Off to Vienna

The recent lack of posts has been casued be me being on vacation, and feeling no real urge to punch in for blogging. Been reading a lot though, so maybe a little later I will post about the stuff I'm reading. Tomorrow I leave for Vienna to catch a glimpse of "Die letzten Tage der Menschheit" (the last days of humanity)as life in pre WW1 Vienna was to Karl Kraus. The Staatsoper tickets for Tristan und Isolde are booked, as is the journey onwards for Ars Electronica. Details on that on return (or possibly from a browser somewhere while I'm gone), but some impressions from afar are in order: It will be interesting to see to what extent the idea of digital art and futurism is selfsupporting, and to what extent one gets a feeling of 'over-curation' which is so easy to feel at exhibits. The program for the festival seems to have an edge compared to 'any old art' simply because the technical difficulty in working with the digital media in an interesting fashion presents a useful obstacle to draw inspiration from. The obstacle is new which is essential for keeping the expression fresh. But those of course were notes from afar.

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