September 14, 2003
How to lose subscribers from your news source

Rule 1. Break their links.
Rule 2. Make sure they don't notice the links were broken.

As an example on of how to do it perfectly, take a look at Microdoc-News' old feed. No ' We have moved' post in the discontinued feed. No HTTP permanent redirect. Just a dumb 'human consumption only' HTML redirect.
My newsreader of course didn't interpret this correctly, so I was actually just assuming that feed had gone dead - ontil I checked and found the new feed elsewhere.
Not a very clued move by a guy who's trying to make a living through micro publishing.

The reason I bothered is of copurse the good copy on Microdoc News. For example this instruction on accessing specialized google sub searches is useful, although I'm not sure I think Google's implementation of these smart words is as admirable as the page rank itself.

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