September 28, 2003
Woody Allen on Woody Allen films

I just saw Richard Schickel's documentary "A Life in Film" - an interview with Woody Allen about his films. There is little that is truly newsworthy if you know Allen's films beforehand, but Allen is as engaging when talking about his films as they are themselves. The best example I think was a quote about Crimes and Misdemeanors. About the Martin Landau storyline he says:

I just wanted to illustrate, in an entertaining way, that there is no God and that we're alone in the Universe, and there is nobody out there to punish you. That your morality is strictly up to you. If you're willing to murder and you can get away with it and you can live with it, that's fine.

Hardly surprising if you know the film, because Allen is a very overt film maker. But nicely put, and reflective of the dry, witty 'almost cynicism' of the later Allen films.
And there's one more thing: Woody Allen is, I think, the only person I ever heard use the original complete form, perquisite of the term 'perk' in its meaning of 'just one of the perks of being a celebrity'

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