October 08, 2003
Hands free word blogging

I was considering augmenting the previously mentioned MS Word blogging add-in with hands-free operation using speec recognition. A simple first test has changed my mind. The following sample was not quite the drunken nonsense when I said it as it was when the computer interpreted it

I'm currently using dictation to ensure a word document without typing. It almost works. Not everyone is picked up correctly and speeches prefer right now quash the words on misunderstood but maybe that is to be effective from Microsoft product. Contra Asian is not the job by the technician on the action expected to be

I saw Susan

Because the previous one simply had too many errors this one doesn't appear to be doing much better stuff all we needed to run some more training tests before I use the system full series rising on the other hand the results are entering text line is fine choir from .

I don't know who Susan is.

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