October 28, 2003
Yippee - CSS is now an ugly drawing tool!

She's a BRICK house - she's mighty, mighty, letting it all hang out. Funky CSS can now render ugly buildings of houses too. Wonderful. Add those table free round boxes and we have full separation of content and graphical disaster.
The house renders OK in Explorer - the round cornered boxes don't.

Posted by Claus at October 28, 2003 12:03 AM | TrackBack (0)
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Are you saying you *like* it or *hate* it? :-)

(Or can something be "wonderful" and "ugly" at the same time?)

Posted by: Chris Hester on November 27, 2003 10:57 PM

Thw "Wonderful." is what passes as irony here in the Kitchen. I think the drawing is ugly and while powerful CSS is a good idea, I am afraid of the creeping featurism implied by using CSS to render drawings. Why not just use something intended for drwaings (and not text layout) for drawing.

Posted by: Dee on November 28, 2003 1:36 AM
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