October 30, 2003
Read all 4590 reviews...

...was the helpful hint from Amazon when I looked up the sales rank for the latest Harry Potter book. 4590 revies is an impressive number. You have to imagine that only a little percentage of readers bother to chime in with opinion number 4239 with a verdict of G*R*E*A*T.
Oddly enough the book was only at no 39 in sales on com and no 44 on co.uk - is it a commercial failure, or does the sale just happen so very quickly that they already sold all the books?

Another book with a ton of reviews was Al Franken's "Lies and the lying liars who tell them". The book is rated down from 5 stars to 4 stars because of a largish amount of one-star righ twing dissent along the lines of "Al Franken, you commie bastard, who don't you just move to Cuba". The dissent takes two basic forms: Outright rejection, with almost no comment but 'avoid this' and a 1 star rating, and clever rejection, where the 1-star rating is kept, but the comment is more along the lines of "Isn't it ironic, this vitriliic liar is accusing OUR guys of namecalling and lying".
Along the way, Franken and Michael Moore are also accused of being 'ferries'. They look more like tugboats to me.

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