November 29, 2003
Weblogging will explode or die

This note by Tom Mangan comments on the notion that a particular subset of the political environment have taken blogs to be 'their' technology - grassrotsy by definition:

...anything perceived good guy Howard Dean can do with technology can be replicated by his enemies (it's possible I glazed over this part, it's long article). Team Bush has $200 million and six months to play catch-up. It also has talk radio, the Fox Network and all the warbloggers on its side, plus the population's inherent tendency to side with the current prez during wartime. The Web knows no politics, it just offers politicians another way to get people to the polls.

(link via Doc Searls)

I think that underlines a point I tried to make recently (in Danish) : If there is a coherent "Blogging universe" with a shared culture, then that is a temporary phenomenon caused by the fact that technology early adopters tend be more alike than people in general. The format will either explode (as it gets adopted and co-opted into thousands of contexts) or die (because of the decreasing signal/noise ratio as everybody starts posting).

The comment reminds me of Douglas Rushkoff's much publicised joke about "Return of The Jedi": What if Darth Vader hat gotten to the gullible Ewoks first and tricked them into believing that his was the good cause.

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