November 29, 2003
Aspirin is the debugger of hangovers.

If you work right you don't need a debugger says Uncle Bob. He wants us to do uncompromising test driven development and Get It Right The First Time.
That's like saying that Aspirin is bad for you, since if you don't drink, do exercise, don't work too hard, do get your sleep and do eat healthy foods all the time you will never have a headache. Aspirin is the debugger of hangovers.

I am hung over. I happen to like the conversational style of development that relies on the debugger, and as I have written before I think it is the way of the future, buf of course he has a valid point: When you make things simpler you make it easier for people to accomplish their work mindlessly. You should not let idiotic programmers work mindlessly.

Via Sam Ruby

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