December 23, 2003
Scientific ethics committee told it was wrong to comment on Lomborg

For the record, the recent review and retraction of a finding by a Danish committee on scientific standards (that "The Skeptical Environmentalist" by Bjørn Lomborg was bogus science) does not in any way make Lomborg's book a better book. He still abuses an absurd agglomeration of statictics with a clear political purpose. I still think what I wrote about it whan the commotion was at its peak is true. Lomborg is making undefensible claims about the quality of his own work in a way completely unfitting for anyone seriously interested in a balanced view of the subject matter he is supposedly interested in.
His book is non-science. That should have been his own position and that should have been the response by the committee. The committee should have refrained from issuing a position on those grounds.

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