January 02, 2004
Watching : Michel Gondry, Daft Punk

I just bought a recent DVD featuring the amazing music videos of Michel Gondry and containing a strikingly complete sample of the watchable videos from the last 10 years or so. The videos share a common theme: Saturated strong colors, elaborate sets with elaborate casts, technical brilliance and a particular liking for seemingly continuous flow of action without cuts of any kind.
The technical brilliance is always very visible but the interesting thing is that it is not one technique but whatever was appropriate although the many "one take" videos dominate. The playfulness and the sleight of hand makes many of the videos look like magic trick, and according to the included documentary this is no accident.
While I was at the store, I also picked up "D.A.F.T". A collection of the amazing videos from Daft Punk's first album "Homework". Gondry and Daft Punk meet at the combined peak of their powers in the amazing "Around The World" video - featured on both discs - but Daft Punk also have a great Spike Jonze video and another favorite of mine, the beautiful americana of "Burning" (by french director Seb Janiak)

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