February 24, 2004
Airport impressions

I spent 6 unfruitful hours at Copenhagen Airport today due to the late arrival of an airplane that later developed a malfunction so a flight was canceled after a 5 hour delay.
At the airport - where people develop a sudden urge for draught beer at 8 o'clock in the morning, and where all food is double the price and half the quality the security check metal detectors have had their sensitivity cranked up to max. Belt buckles, even the metal components of shoes trigger an extra check.
The airport transit hall has "Internet connection points" for the wirelessly challenged. Only problem is that the credit card processor on the connection poiunt machinery does not accept the only credit card in widespread use in Denmark - namely a debit card/Visa or debit card/Mastercard combo (the debit card in question is a national standard in Denmark). They must have disappointing sales since probably more than half of their possible customer base have been cut out by bad implementation.
Third observation: The business book rack at the airport bookstore is no longer about making deals and making millions in the .com boom. The largest single group of books are about simply getting a job at all: "CV's for dummies", "How to get a job", "Winning the interview", or titles to that effect, take up entire shelves.

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