February 27, 2004
Unrelenting assholes

Its hard to believe but VeriSign is suing ICANN over SiteFinder. In idiotic statements by VeriSign representatives it says that "This brazen attempt by ICANN (news - web sites) to assume 'regulatory power' over VeriSign's business is a serious abuse of ICANN's technical coordination function,". ICANN does regulate the assignment of names and control VeriSigns franchise to manage the com/net zone. It's been a while since I have seen such a die hard attempt at commercial suicide. VeriSigns contract will come up for review. Nobody is interested in Sitefinder except VeriSign and by suing they have virtually guaranteed a grassroots campaign to take away the management franchise from them or at least to tighten the terms and conditions enoug to kill Sitefinder for good.

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