March 02, 2004
"Did White people steal the Blues or did Black people give it away"

What an on over the top great question! Read Charles Wright's answer to the question in The Charles Wright Interview. Charles Wright will be known to the funkateers among you as the singer on the amazing "Express Yourself" (with the Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band).

Among the other amazing questions asked of Wright you will find:
"Do you think there was a conspiracy to destroy Black music in the 70's ..and was the government involved ? "
Charles Wright: "There was/is definetely a conspiracy. I think it is more racial than political. BUT there actually both quite the same aren't they ?"
It seems there is a conspiracy theory on the poisoning of black music.

On a non-political vibe a little later in the interview:
"Who do you see in today's r&b market as being the keepers of the flame in the true r&b spirit ?"
Charles Wright: "Unfortunately, when they gave us the electric drum, everybody went for the okay-doak. I personally feel that I am fighting a loosing battle but I've invested my money strictly for that cause."

That's so sad and very true.

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