March 19, 2004
And the award for bad writing in journalism goes to...

...David E. Malloy of the Herald Dispatch for this, Ironton, impressive Ironton area display - Ironton - of local news. Would you all please say "Ironton" one more time:

Man reports shotgun fired at his Ironton mobile home
IRONTON -- The following information was obtained from Lawrence County Sheriff?s Department reports:
A 38-year-old Ironton area man reported Friday a 30-year-old Ironton area man fired a shotgun into his trailer.
Sheriff?s deputies arrested Ronnie L. Faulkner, 30, of 29 Township Road 229, Ironton, on a felony charge of discharging a firearm at or into a dwelling and a misdemeanor charge of using weapons while intoxicated.

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