March 30, 2004
Girl lost in Gibson novel

The storyline and images from Ghost Town sounds and looks eerily like the post-meltdown chaos of William Gibson's art imitatiing life novel "Pattern Recognition" or maybe the Ardeur comic books of the Varenne brothers. The story: A russian girl like to take high speed motorcycle rides through the all but abandoned dead zone around the Chernobyl nuclear disaster site, radiation counter in hand. She's taken an eerie series of photos of the abandoned landscape and it looks exactly like some post-apocalyptic nightmare, in fact, it is a post-apocalyptic nightmare. Military checkpoints. Entire cities of completely abandoned decrepit houses. Enormous car parks of abandoned contaminated clean up trucks and abandonede contaminated helicopters - and in the middle of that a stubborn old man riding a horse-driven carriage carrying about his business, doing a little farming - just enough to get by on his own.

Nr 2 in a series of lives imitating art

via Joi Ito

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