April 24, 2004
Truth without hint of irony printed in The Onion

The Onion misses its step and prints an actual truth without any hint of amusing irony in this edition of "The Onion In History". Found it? If not, read on below. I'll give you a hint: It's a story so hideous you would wish it weren't true.

The story "Nazi accountants struggling to find more cost effective ways to eliminate jews" is actually true. The efficiency and economics of the holocaust was a problem and it was being addressed. I remember hearing about discussions about the high cost of shooting people (it was also deemed bad for the morale of the executioners). As far as I know, the use of Zyklon B, the poison gas used in the death camps, was also an issue of efficiency. Then there are the gas vans - mobile gas chambers mounted on the back of a truck. The gas used as simply the car exhaust, used in place of pure carbon-monoxide which was too difficult to transport. Several facilities to dispense quickly of "the cargo" - the killed people - were discussed, among them a tipping mechanism so that the nazi executioners could load the chamber, kill the people in it, and then drop them off quickly.

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