April 27, 2004
Prince is BACK!

Prince is the 4th funkiest person to ever walk on the face of the earth, the three funkier men being James Brown, Sly Stone and George Clinton.
On his latest album, Prince is called Prince again and his sound is back in his best effort since The Love Symbol Album. And the new album doesn't have the "symphonic rock soap opera" traits of that album. A definite plus. It is easily the most focused effort since the 80s.
What isn't quite back is the relaxed (wrong word - maybe 'natural' og 'obvious') sound of all the really good albums from the 80s. From 1980 to 1987 all of Prince's albums sounded exactly how they should, so to speak. They weren't trying so hard, but (Iguess that is exactly wrong) they still managed to bring all kinds of new stuff every time.
Prince's ballads sound decidedly old school and his funk it sparse and a little bit forced - but the album showcases his songwriting skills and has a clean sound that is absent from too many new releases and as one danish reviewer remarked it's great to buy a new album that is "Produced, Arranged, Composed and Performed by Prince". He's still a remarkable singer, and he still does the best one man background chorus for self in the world. And he still blends brilliant songs with terribly cheesy ones in cheesier arrangements. It's all good.

Finally I would like to add a deep felt personal thanks for the complete absence of rappers. It was always a little embarrasing watching Prince trying to keep up with the new breed.

[UPDATE - on second listening]
More observation and a stronger thumbs up. This is good Prince.

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