May 21, 2004
Safri Duo

Classical music can be tough. Audiences are fickle, wanting only Mozart, Beethoven and Bach. Apart from the violin playing teenage girls they're not much to look at. Too many men. Too old. Bad fashion sense. Even the violin girls have limited sex appeal. On top of all that, the money is no good. And you have to practice all the time if you want to stay at the top of your game. All hard work, no fun, no sex, no money - it's easy to see why you would want out of this world if you're young.

But that is no excuse for The Safri Duo

A few years back one of the most popular ensembles in classical music in Denmark got off the train and started making pop music instead. The result - this superficial, dance-oriented, synthesizers + drumming extravaganza makes me ashamed that I'm Danish. It is much much worse than the horrors of Aqua and Michael Learns to Rock combined.
Why is it worse? Because it thinks it is better. The Safri guys think they really have this cool new thing going on fusing their amazing ability to hit really big things in a rhytmic fashion with modern drum machines and synth riffs, but the reality is that it is trash, trash, trash, trash, trash. In the end their percussion skills, the point of the band one would have hoped, simply don't matter at all. The dance-pop genre simply doesn't allow for any kind of deviation from a strict programmable 4/4 beat anyway, so you could easily do with just sampled beats instead of the Safri Brothers drumming away. The drumming is pure spectacle with no musical consequence. And because of the spectacle, they completely forgot to add anything else of interest to the sound. Songwriting is absent from all their material, being displaced by cheesy synth riffs hardly worthy of the name 'riff'. Their lyrics in general makes Aqua sound like Shakespeare.
Rarely has so much ability been wasted by so few people with such devastating results.

Posted by Claus at May 21, 2004 01:07 PM | TrackBack (0)
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I can understand why you dont like Safri Duo. After all any one who dislikes music because its "All hard work, no fun, no sex, no money" must be dead inside; you dont want music... you want R'n'B or Rap or something equally talentless. Besides Safri Duo have created something much better than YOU'LL ever create. So until you can get as far in life and have as many fans as Safri Duo you're just a jelous idiot with a modem and keyboard.

Posted by: Onknown on July 18, 2005 12:55 AM

Haha, this is funny. You have no clue where exactly you are on the internet right now, do you?
How did you arrive at the clueless opinion that my problem with the Safri people is that they are not dumbed down enough like you suggest.
Try to read my post again and see if it sounds as if I really want music that's MORE IDIOTIC AND SIMPLISTIC than the Safri Duo. Not exactly.

Posted by: Claus on July 18, 2005 12:59 AM
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