May 25, 2004

The title of this post is literally snakeman (a contortionist) in Danish, and that was the name of my personal version of snake, the computer game classic every kid hacked his own version of back when I had my Amstrad computer.
I didn't have many commercial games for my computer, so I mainly played games I wrote myself. Really simple ones as you could guess. This one I was particularly happy with. I wrote it in one hour, and I used pointers into a position array to move the head and tail of the snake, so that the game didn't slow down as the snake grew in the same way it did on the versions I had seen at the computer programming night school.
My brother and I played this game all the time. We had a deal: He had a lot of records, and he could only play my computer if I could listen to his records, so we spent many evenings reading, playing and listening to David Bowie.

I recently recreated the exact gameplay of the Amstrad version as a browser based game (works in IE and Mozilla/Netscape), with a Mondrian/De Stijl visual theme.

Use the arrow keys to move, pick up the green bonus squares. Don't hit the wall, yourself or the blue tail you drop in your wake every once in a while.


Width Height Speed (50=fast, 200=slow)

The distinguishing features of this version relative to other versions

  • I wrote it - it's more fun to play your own than anyone elses
  • Extreme simplicity - the game could be submitted to the 5k awards if I hadn't missed the deadline
  • The unique and extremely simple tail dropping feature to escalate the difficulty of play
  • You can't commit suicide accidentally by turning 180 degrees. I find games were you have to watch out to avoid suicide particularly annoying
  • The Amstrad had a keyboard buffer so you could do lightning fast turns by simply pressing a keyboard combination faster than the update cycle. I've emulated that feature in this game
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Det er fedt. Ultra-simpelt. Jeg har kigget koden igennem, og er faktisk ret imponeret implementeringen. Der er simpelthen s? lidt kode, og alligevel er gameplayet i top. Respekt!

Posted by: S?ren on May 25, 2004 4:50 PM

Du mangler vel bare en highscore.

Posted by: mogens on May 26, 2004 1:26 PM

Jeg tror der bliver multiplayer f?r der bliver highscore

Posted by: Dee on May 26, 2004 1:44 PM
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