June 07, 2004
Muppet orchestra comes to life

My first thought, when I heard of The Viennese Vegetable Orchestra was that it sounded very much like an idea cooked up for The Muppet Show - but no. It's real: It's common kitchen vegetables turned into instruments and used to play "classic's lite", very recognizable pieces from the classical repertoire. After the concert the instruments are cooked and served to the audience.
The music needs to be very recognizable since this orchestra looks,

and probably tastes, better than it sounds.

[UPDATE: I take that back, they sound a lot better playing modern music - you can buy their album on Amazon]
Via for_sv

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Thank you for the TrackBack on "Viennese veggie orchestra makes sweet music". :)

Posted by: SV on June 7, 2004 11:52 PM
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