June 07, 2004
Web standard street fighting

[UPDATE: The y stayed with the IETF]

I simply don't get how a situation like the Atom standardization stalemate (original info linked here) is at all possible. While it sounds reasonable enough to debate whether a body of standards will be consistent if developed by different standards bodies, the current situation sounds too much like organizational turf war to me. In fact it sounds like corporate infighting, only the actors are standards bodies (one or more of the organizations might object to this term, being usually applied to expensive government run organizations).
What makes it absurd is the simple fact that the people seeking to standardize Atom have expressed no desire to work with the W3C. For all I care they could start up the Atom Standardization Organization, I am - and I think most everybody else is as well - mostly interested in seeing the actual specs solidify to everybodys satisfaction. I don't see how the W3C is really helping that at the moment, and I don't see why they would want to hinder that process.
The most important argument seems to be that the W3C has a better process for dealing with IP rights issues. The right way is to waive any rights on the work done of course but at the current medieval stage in the history of ideas - where knowlegde may be forbidden as it was in the dark ages - that seems out the question maybe.

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